Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Husband, Taco Bell and the Hot Blonde

Has anyone ever had a recurring dream? 


Well, I have had the same dream multiple times since I had Eli in June.  It has to do with my husband, a Taco Bell commercial, a club, and a hot blonde. 

Here it is...
So, in the dream, I am watching TV and my husband is at work.  A Taco Bell commercial comes on and guess who the main actor is???  MY husband!  He is driving this really cool convertible and has a REALLY hot blonde beside him!  They are munching on their Doritos Locos Tacos and  gazing into each other's eyes!  They look VERY in tune with each other and VERY MUCH in LOVE!  So, in this dream, I am VERY SURPRISED!  My husband is a District Loss Prevention Manager with Dick's Sporting Goods, so you can imagine my surprise that he has a side job of being an actor in a Taco Bell commercial! 

My husband comes home from work (in the dream) and I ask him what was going on.  When did you become an actor??  How do you know anyone in the acting world?  WHO IS THE HOT BLONDE AND WHY DO YOU LOOK SO COMFY SITTING BESIDE HER AND MUNCHING ON YOUR DORITOS LOCOS TACO?????

Josh tells me I'm acting crazy and he will not answer any questions!  We have dinner and I am balling crying inside of the restaurant!  "Why won't you  just tell me how you know these people??"  I leave the restaurant and go to a club...with my son (who was born in June) in my arms! 

They let me in the club, with my son in my arms, and there are people dancing these CRAZY dances.  I'm talking weird stuff!  It was like I was in the Twilight Zone!  I go to the back of the club and there are these separate little rooms.  I find him in this tiny little room and we make up.  End of story. 

Isn't it funny how our brain works??  The really funny thing is that I have never actually been to a club.  Seriously.  I attempted once with my best friend, Megan, and it is quite a hilarious story!
We were being designated drivers for my mother and her best friend.  They were celebrating a 40th Birthday.  We went to a local comedy club and later they wanted to go dancing.  We dropped them off at a bar for "older people" and we headed out for the clubs downtown.  Yep, we drove around for 10 eternities and could not find how to get to downtown!  Ha!  Keep in mind we were only 18 at the time!  We felt so ridiculous!  We went to pick up my mom and her friend and had to literally drag them out of the bar!  It was not funny then but SO funny now!  Ha!  Good memories!

So, moral of the story, if you see the guy below...

My adorable and smoking hot husband :)

with a smoking hot blonde then you better LET ME KNOW ;)

You all know that girl that I'm talking about...long, flowy, beautiful hair that is always blowing in the wind, even when there is no wind.  Perfect skin, perfect make-up, perfect teeth.  Ughhh!!!

Maybe since I'm talking about the dream, I won't have it anymore!  Who knows??!
It must be a post-pregnancy thing!  I'm sure my hormones are still so out of sorts!

Josh, I'm watching you...and if you come home with a new convertible...well, let's just say that it will be bad news bears for someone ;) hahaha!


Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

I am seriously dying over here. This had me laughing so hard. I know how those dreams go - it freaks the shi* out of me.

BTW: your hubby is adorable:) I promise I am NOT.THAT.BLONDE. HAHAHA

Great post today to start off my day:)

Megan said...

This is hilarious!!! Brynn, that time we "went clubbing" was so fun! ;-)

Lorrie Morris said...

Hahhaaaa! This just made being up at 4 o'clock in the morning feeding an infant SO much easier! Haha! Love it! And you! (:

brittany nelson said...

laughed so hard brynn!! i have so had those crazies before so its not just you!