Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favorites Vlog

I'm linking up with Holly and Emily for Friday Favorites Vlog! 
Let me just start by saying that I was SO nervous about doing this!  I actually decided not to do it but I hated to miss out on this!  So, I know that I look like a total moron...but I'm ok with it.  I can't wait to hear what my husband has to say about this one :)  Here goes nothing!
And there you have it.  Can't believe I just did this :)  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Courtney Norman said...

Loved your vlog!! That is a beautiful ring. I love your accent- So many southern belles in this link up! Thanks for sharing!

My vlog is up at

Hope to see you again next week!

Megan @ Grimm Tales said...

Im here from the link-up! I love your name. If I ever have another little girl I would name her Brynn. It must be so hard to hard to be away from your family.

New follower :)

Holly said...

Brynn, you are gorgeous. I wanna meet you when I come to Tulsa to see Mama L.

Favorites of this video?
1. You love Eminem.
2. You love Poptarts.
3. And you described how to squat on the toilet at work.

You are a doll!

Thanks for linking up!! Happy Friday! :)

Missy... said...

Hey, Brynn! Stopping over from the link-up. First things first, you are ADORABLE! Secondly, I have an Eli too...we were destined to be friends! :)

Megan said...

Ha! love you!

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

Awww you are so sweet. I love it - Taco Bell Tacos are stellar and you are darling. I love the accent and now I am all teary eyed from your g-ma story - so sweet.

I am so glad I got to watch this.

Becca said...

Hey Brym..just kidding! You are so sweet for just letting the old lady call you that. I love poptarts too, I recently made the mistake of looking at how many calories were in them and I haven't had one since. Eek. Your Grandma ring story is precious. Thanks for folloing my blog and I can't wait to put my kids to bed so I can stalk/read your older posts. =)

By the way, your hair is amazing!

Tiffani Vasquez said...

I loved your blog! I love Jack in the Box too, except my weekness is the bacon potato wedges, yummo!! I also moved far from my home. We moved from Dallas to Lubbock, just a short 6 1/2 hour drive :)

I can't wait to see more from you!

Thoughts from Tiffani

Alison Reinholt said...

You & your name are beautiful! Love the vlog! I hear ya with wishing MTV still played music videos. :)

Emily said...

Brynn, I love you and your adorable accent!

We just got a few jack n the box's in Indy and it sounds like I need to try them ASAP!

Your ring is beautiful and so sentimental!

Thank you for linking up with us!