Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mommy Life and More Babies ;)


Am I the ONLY Mom that has ever gotten their WHOLE ARM stuck in the diaper genie while trying to load a refill???  SERIOUSLY.  I have the red marks to prove it.  Sometimes I wonder how I live through the day.  Not to count raise a baby... the Lord must be watching over me- VERY CLOSELY!!

Speaking of babies.......

My sweet baby sister is having her baby TODAY!  We cannot wait to meet Ezra Lander!  I am just itching to get to Alabama.  Been trying to find a cheap there such a thing?  The doctor is coming in to break her water around 1:00 and hopefully it will be a quick and painless experience ;)

There she is, the cutest little Mommy-to-be EVER!  I'm so excited and can't wait to have a new nephew!!  The boys are taking over our family now!  The labor gown she is wearing is the one that I wore just 3 months ago while giving birth to sweet Eli!  You can find more information about the "posh pusher" gown here.  They are so adorable.  They have all different colors and patterns to choose from. 

Everyone please say a little prayer for my sister and nephew today!  I'll update soon with more pics!

One last thing, how about a little Roll Tide action from Eli to get us through this week :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day In The Life

I'm linking up with Amy and Holly for this "Day in the Life" post!  Thanks ladies for hosting!  Here is a typical "day in the life" of a mom with a 3 month old!

My husband ALWAYS sets his alarm for 6 or 6:30am.  Never fails.  EVERY DAY.  The only problem I have with this is that he will hit the snooze button AT LEAST half a dozen times. He also sets the alarms on his personal phone, work phone, personal Ipad and work Ipad.  To say that I want to chunk all those devices out the window is the understatement of the year :) Alarm sounds have to be the most annoying sounds ever created. 
This morning, my sweet Eli was my alarm clock.  He woke me up at 6:25 sharp with a big grin on his face!  Ready for a baba (bottle).  Who could be grouchy when they wake up to this sweet face?
After a quick bottle feed, Eli (and Mommy) are snoozing once again...Thank you sweet baby Jesus :)
I wake up around 8:30 and hop in the shower.  What a lucky day to have a clean body before the sun is setting.  It's gonna be a good day!
Check on Eli- He's snoozing and he's missing a sock.  WHERE DO THEY GO???  I would later find it UNDER THE CRIB.  How does that even happen?
9:10 I find this lovely surprise on my husband's side of the bed...
I have come to the conclusion that I will NEVER be able to "train" my sweet hubby to place dirty clothes in the hamper.  It's just a fact of life and I will just have to deal :)
Around 9:30, I lost my phone.  Let's just say it...I'm addicted to my phone.  I feel completely lost without it.  I mean, what if I miss a super awesome post on facebook or miss a great pin on Pinterest.  How would I ever go on??!!
9:35- found the phone...thank goodness!  It was on the table, in plain sight.  I must have walked around it twice and didn't even see it!
10:10- bathe Eli and get him dressed for the day.  We are going to meet Daddy to go to a doctor's appointment with him.  Eli is getting so wiggly these days.  It's hard to keep him from flipping over while changing diapers and dressing him!
10:40- I lost my phone again.  10:42- found it beside the powdery mess on the bar where I had been making bottles for the day.
I loaded the car so we could go meet Daddy.  Did I mention that you have to pack pretty much your whole house when you have a child???  Who needs to work out when you carry strollers and fifteen bags on your arms all while carrying a carseat with a 14 pound kid inside. 
We met Daddy at his office.  Dropped off his company car at the ole Jiffy Lube.  They have to be the nicest people ever.  Seriously.  Get your car serviced there. 
Had to do a little feeding session before we could leave the parking lot.  When Eli is hungry, he gets MAD :)
12:05- we arrive at Daddy's doctor's appointment.  We are about 30 minutes early.  Much to my surprise, they called us back early.  WOW!  Shock of a lifetime.  I figured we would spend half the day in the waiting room.  Lucky! (in my best Napolean Dynamite voice)
Sitting in the doctor's office.  Look at Eli grinning at his Daddy.  So sweet!
After the doctor's visit, I picked up lunch- I'm not saying what I picked up.  Let's just say that our nickname for it is "Taco Hell" and it is NOT on my diet plan.  Then I headed over to the cleaners to pick up my husband's clothes.  I headed home and ate a quick lunch with my husband and he finished packing for his business trip. 
After lunch (which wasn't until 2:30), I headed back to Wal-Mart to pick up some prescriptions.  I really despise that place.  They are constantly changing up where things are so that I will spend SO much more money because I can't pass up the piggy bank or house shoes they have sitting in the middle of the aisles to catch my attention.  I can't stand it, but I find myself visiting it several times a week.  What is wrong with me??!
Around 5:20, we said goodbye to Daddy.  He will return Wednesday night.  I always hate to see him go, but I love to see him leave :) hahaha!  Remember that pick up line?  But seriously, I really do miss him when he is gone.
See that flag??  Roll Tide Roll!  We may live in Oklahoma, but we are Bama fans all the way!
I wanted to take a nice walk around this awesome pond we have in our neighborhood.  I really enjoy strolling Eli and he enjoys it too.  It was just way too hot for all that foolishness!  Here is a pic that I took (from my air conditioned vehicle!)

The rest of my evening went a little something like this: changed a lot of diapers, played on the playmat with Eli, rocked Eli, read him a few bible stories out of his kids bible that Daddy got him, dressed him for bed, fed him, rocked him.  Repeat.  You get the picture.  
I did manage to fit in a little night time snack in between doing laundry and washing up bottles...let me just say that this is not on my diet either...but at least it's a low fat snack :)  (beside the fact that it has 20 grams of sugar for two pieces...ouch)

Does it cancel out because it's sitting by the fruit bowl???  Yes, I think it does! 


I managed to squeeze in a couple of episodes of Friends (my favorite show) and also a fun, late-night game of Scrabble with my hubby (who is 3 hours away).  Isn't technology grand??!

Well, that's about it. I'm about to crash into the bed.  It's 1:30am and my human alarm clock will have me rising very soon!  I didn't know being a stay-at-home mom was such a job!  I love every minute of it!  Stay tuned for more updates on our crazy, busy life! 


Sunday, September 9, 2012

God Spoke To Me Today


The last several years, I have not been trying to grow my relationship with God.  Let's just say it...I have been lazy.  You know, go to church on Easter Sunday, occasionally on Mother's Day and Father's Day, Christmas and that's about it.  I would always talk about it- "We NEED to be back in church".  Sunday morning would come and go and there was always an excuse.  "I forgot to set the alarm".  "I don't have anything to wear".  "I'm just SO tired".  The excuses could go on for days.  The past several weeks, God has really been speaking to me.  It has been so heavy on my heart.  Not only do we NEED to be in church, I WANT to be in church.  I LOVE the feeling I have when I start my week with Sunday services.  I love singing worship songs.  I love praying.  I love seeing others worship our amazing Lord.  So...we jumped back in and I have never felt better! 

I grew up in a small baptist church in Childersburg, AL.  I made so many life-long friends there.  I loved participating in the youth choir and youth activities.  I needed that feeling of love that you can only get from your church family.  We went faithfully, every Sunday morning, night and Wednesday night.  I don't know what happened.  We fell off somewhere and I have always felt a void in my life.  I want my son to grow up just the way that I did.  Going to "Children's Church" and loving every minute of it!  I accepted the Lord into my heart at Vacation Bible School the summer of 1993.  I want Eli to hold the same memories that I hold and cherish.  I want to get back...

Three days ago, while standing in my kitchen, the Lord spoke to me so clearly.  I have always prayed to God to show me my purpose in life.  What was I put on Earth to do?  It was almost as if He was standing there talking with me.  God wants me to be a witness in my own community and help people in need.  Being an RN with home health experience, I have seen first-hand people who have nothing.  No food in the pantry.  Can't afford their medications.  Living conditions that are far worse than most people could ever imagine.  I remember many patients telling me that my 30 minute visit with them was the highlight of their day.  Nobody would visit these precious people.  All they wanted was conversation and to feel like someone cared. 

Did you know that every 3.6 SECONDS, someone dies HUNGRY???  Crazy to think we live in America- the Land of Plenty- and people go hungry.

So...I started praying, asking God HOW???  How am I supposed to help?  Where do I even start?  We just moved to Oklahoma less than a year ago...I don't know anyone.  I don't have any connections.  I asked God to show me what I needed to do.  Low and behold, our service this morning was about helping feed our starving community.  WOW!  I was in tears several times during the service.  They showed clips from our own community.  Precious kids that actually go to bed hungry.  Our church actually participates in a "backpack" ministry.  The church donates snacks that teachers can discretely give to students on Friday afternoon.  They give them to students that would otherwise not have another meal until Monday at school.  This touched my heart.  My family has been blessed- my husband has a great job and we are able to help others...that is exactly what we are going to do.  There is also another ministry that the church wants to get rolling- hot meals delivered once a week to different areas in our community.  They are in desperate need of volunteers.  I CANNOT WAIT TO BE A PART OF THIS!  I gladly signed up to assist with our community outreach.  It's like that service was prepared just for ME.  It was exactly what I needed. 

I urge everyone to help out in your own communities.  Yes, there are people that need our assistance in other countries, but we have people right down the street from us that need us too!  It doesn't have to be a monetary gift.  Give YOURSELF.  Volunteer.  Make time for it.  What a wonderful feeling to help those in need.

The church is also helping with human trafficking, addictions and orphan care in our community.  I am so excited to see what God has planned for my future.  I am so happy to be raising my son in church and to teach him to have a giving heart.  I am even happier that I do it all with my amazing husband by my side.  God truly blessed me with someone who has a pure, caring and giving heart.  Stay tuned to see what the Lord has in store for me and my family! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

3 Months

Little man is 3 months old today!  Seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital!  He is changing SO much SO fast!  His little smile can brighten my day!  Eli is noticing his hands and tries to stick his whole fist in his mouth!  He started liking his play mat- he grabs at the toys and is amazed at the lights and music.  He is very strong in his legs.  He stiffens up and tries to stand in our laps.  Eli had his second plane ride and his second hotel stay.  On August 22nd, Eli tried to roll over.  He still hasn't mastered this, but he is working on it!  He loves being rocked to sleep.  He sleeps with his arms over his's the cutest thing ever!  I know if the arms are up, I have at least 30 minutes to get something done in the house!  He has this fake cough that he does when he wants attention.  It is precious!   He is starting to play in his jumparoo- he can't reach the floor to jump yet, but loves the toys and bangs on them with his hands.  In the last few days, he tries to "help me" hold his bottle :)  I love him more than life itself.  I will do anything and everything to give him the wonderful life that he deserves!  Josh and I can't imagine our lives without him.  We joke about how "boring" we must have been before he came along!  It seems like every week he is learning more and doing new things.  Such an exciting time in our lives!