Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mommy Life and More Babies ;)


Am I the ONLY Mom that has ever gotten their WHOLE ARM stuck in the diaper genie while trying to load a refill???  SERIOUSLY.  I have the red marks to prove it.  Sometimes I wonder how I live through the day.  Not to count raise a baby... the Lord must be watching over me- VERY CLOSELY!!

Speaking of babies.......

My sweet baby sister is having her baby TODAY!  We cannot wait to meet Ezra Lander!  I am just itching to get to Alabama.  Been trying to find a cheap there such a thing?  The doctor is coming in to break her water around 1:00 and hopefully it will be a quick and painless experience ;)

There she is, the cutest little Mommy-to-be EVER!  I'm so excited and can't wait to have a new nephew!!  The boys are taking over our family now!  The labor gown she is wearing is the one that I wore just 3 months ago while giving birth to sweet Eli!  You can find more information about the "posh pusher" gown here.  They are so adorable.  They have all different colors and patterns to choose from. 

Everyone please say a little prayer for my sister and nephew today!  I'll update soon with more pics!

One last thing, how about a little Roll Tide action from Eli to get us through this week :)


Corey King said...

This is so sweet!

Megan said...

I giggled at the image in my head of your arm being eaten by the diaper genie, while you were screaming at Eli to save you. Eli looks so big sitting in that picture! Roll tide!