Tuesday, July 17, 2012

IMPERFECT...Aren't We All?

A couple of my friends did a post similar to this one and it inspired me.  Nobody has the perfect life.  If they claim to, it's a LIE!  Here are some REAL facts about me at this point in my life:

 1.)  I love keeping a clean house but you should see the disasters I make trying to create a clean environment!

 2.)  I am NOT a morning person...that is unless I'm going somewhere fun or about to do something fun!

 3.)  I don't cook.  Like, it's a very rare occasion that I do.  My poor husband.  I find myself making the same things over and over, so I just stopped all together!

 4.)  I LOVE buying things to "get my fitness on".  You know, DVD's, exercise balls, bicycles, exercise bands, p90x, pilates dvd's...I could go on and on.  The problem is, I have great intentions, I just never get around to actually using the products.  OR, I will use them a few times and I'm done.  I hate this about me, especially now that I have a 5 week old and I really need to get myself back into shape!

 5.)  I am VERY forgetful!  I have to keep a VERY detailed budget binder so that I don't forget to pay our bills!

 6.)  I drink WAY too many diet sodas.  I'm talking LOTS!  I really want to cut back...maybe I will when I "get my fitness on"!  Haha!

 7.)  I have anxiety...and it's pretty bad.  I freak out about things that I probably shouldn't even worry about.  I tend to be uptight at times.  I'm really working on this.

 8.)  I can have a really smart mouth.  This usually only comes out after I have had it up to my ears!  Then there is no telling what I might say! Again, my poor husband :) Another thing I'm working on! :)

 9.)  I do not have an eye for decorating.  I know what I like, I just can't ever seem to pull a room together. 

10.)  I haven't had a haircut since I came home in April for my baby shower.  The last one before that was in December. 

11.)  Now that I have a newborn, I find myself not getting a shower until at least 3 pm.  I prance around in my PJ's all day.  I don't like it, but what can you do??

12.)  I like to spend money like it's going out of style.  I usually end up buying stuff just because it's a good deal!

This just scrapes the surface of my imperfections.  I'm trying to work on myself...how about you?

One Month Old Already?!

It's like they always say..."time flies when you are having fun!"  I cannot believe this sweet angel is already a month old!  He is the absolute joy of our lives!  I ask Josh all the time what we did before we had Eli!  We must have had a pretty boring life before he came along ;)

I am so amazed watching him grow and develop a little personality.  He loves sitting up in his boppy pillow and  looking around at everything, especially the ceiling fan!  I love watching his eyes light up and his mouth take the shape of "Oh my goodness, what is all of this??"!  Eli absolutely loves laying on his daddy's chest!  He could sleep like that for hours!  They say that infants cannot be spoiled...I beg to differ!  This little man is already very spoiled!  I just keep thinking that he won't be this small for long.  We are trying to soak up every little thing!

I love his little sounds that he is making.  I love that when he is hungry, he goes from zero to one hundred.  Completely silent and sleeping to screaming at the top of his lungs!  I love the fact that he sleeps with both arms above his head most of the time.  I also love the fact that he sleeps with his mouth open, just like his mommy!  When he stretches in the morning, he looks just like me!  It's so funny how he has days where he looks just like daddy and other days he looks just like me!  He is a perfect combination of us both! 

In his first month of life, Eli has been out to eat at Red Lobster at 4 days old, Texas Road House at one week old, AND he has been on a 2 day road trip to Alabama (670 miles) for his first camping trip!  Busy little man already!

I cannot wait to watch him continue to grow and learn new things!  This has been the best month of my life.  Cannot imagine life without this handsome little man! 

Now for lots of pictures of the first month of Eli's life!

First bath at home!

GaGa loves her little man!

Pediatrician at 4 days old.  Eli weighed in at 7 pounds 2 ounces!

Out to eat at Red Lobster after pediatrician appointment

Father's Day 2012  Eli was 9 days old!

Mom and I snuck and did a "photo shoot" with Eli to get these adorable pics for Josh's office!

Meeting PaPaw for the first time at the lake!

Eli's first 4th of July on Lake Martin!  Isn't he a doll??!

Photo Book

You'll love Shutterfly's award-winning photo books. Try it today.

Just finished my pregnancy journal on shutterfly!  I love it!  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Elijah Bentley's Birthday!

Elijah Bentley's Birthday

Our sweet angel, Elijah Bentley, was born June 8, 2012 at 10:38am.  He weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces and was 20.5 inches long.  Here is the story of my labor and delivery experience.

We arrived at the hospital around 8pm on Thursday June 7th.  I had a doctor's appointment the day before and my Blood Pressure was still elevated and I had protein in my urine (this means that my kidneys were not tolerating the high blood pressure).  I was very nervous about an induction.  I was VERY unfavorable for an induction- my cervix was still very high and thick.  We ultimately had to make the decision based on what was best for Eli and myself.  We decided to go through with the induction and very high risk of a c-section.  My doctor was awesome and very supportive.  He gave me hope that I could have a normal vaginal delivery. 
Our families were beyond thrilled to head west for Eli's birthday!  They arrived on Thursday and stayed in a hotel not far from the hospital.  We made a quick visit with them before going to the hospital. 

Looking at these pictures today, I cannot believe my belly was that big!  It's amazing what your body can go through and the changes you don't really even notice until you see pictures of yourself!

Josh and I went to the hospital Thursday night by ourselves.  Our families were exhausted from the long drive and they stayed at the hotel and got rested up for the big day!  We stopped by McDonald's on the way to the hospital for my "last meal" of chicken nuggets...YUM!  We were so excited and nervous!  I have worked in labor and delivery in the past and let me tell you that when it is YOU coming in for the induction, all that you know goes out the window :) well... almost! 

Nervous daddy :)

We got settled into our labor room and all the fun started around 8:30.  I endured 2 IV sticks and one lab stick- I forgot that they like to use the biggest angiocath possible- in my case an 18 gauge.  Pretty much felt like a water hose being inserted into my vein (okay, I'm stretching it a little :) but needless to say, it was NOT comfortable!  I received my first dose of Cytotec (medication to help ripen the cervix) at 9:30pm.  I was nervous about the upcoming contractions.  Well guess what??  NOTHING happened!!  The nurse said my cervix was still VERY high. I tried to rest after the first dose of medication but found myself staring at the computer monitor watching Eli's heartrate and my lack of contractions.  (Sometimes it's a bad thing to have knowledge on a subject).  My nurse came back in at 1:30am on Friday for my second dose of Cytotec.  Again, she said my cervix was still very high and I had not had one contraction during the night.  I was starting to get worried.  I was SO unfavorable to have a normal vaginal delivery.  I prayed and prayed and prayed.

At 4am, I got up and got in the shower.  I knew that they would begin IV Pitocin around 5 so I wanted to have my shower for the day.  I started feeling very crampy in the shower but nothing too bad.  I got dressed in my adorable posh pusher gown and I was ready for Eli's Birthday!  At 4:30am  I started having horrible contractions.  Now, I have asked people what contractions feel like.  Most people said "the worst diarrhea cramps EVER".  I remember always thinking "I'm sure I could handle that".  OMG!!!  Worst pain EVER.  Bless the people who desire the "natural birth experience".  I can honestly say that I am not woman enough for that!  At 6am, I was still hurting and the contractions were getting closer together.  My nurse checked me and I was 2cm and 90% thin.  I was so glad to have finally made a change! 
My contractions are at the bottom of the screen.  PAIN!  That's all I can say!

Here is a timeline of my delivery day:

4:30 am- started contracting every 3 minutes.  Cervix is closed and high.
6:50 am- Dilated to 2cm.  Eli was still very high.
7:15 am- Dilated to 3cm. 
7:30 am- Dilated 5-6cm- got my epidural (thank you Jesus!)
8:30 am- Dilated 8-9cm.
9:00 am- Dilated 9-10cm. 
So, I could have stated pushing at this time...BUT my family had not arrived yet!  They were supposed to be there at around 7:30am.  Since it was my first baby, and everyone knows that it's usually an all day affair, they decided to linger at the hotel and take advantage of the breakfast buffet!  Josh called them and told them they needed to get there ASAP!!! 

I started pushing at 9:30 am.  Our sweet angel was born at 10:38 am!  I cannot begin to explain the joy that filled our souls when we finally laid eyes on our "miracle baby"!  We had waited so long for this!  I had such a wonderful experience!  I delivered at the hospital that I work at- St. Francis in Tulsa.  Love my doctor and love the nurses that took care of us!  

I always knew that I loved Josh.  Seeing him with Eli makes me love him even more than I ever imagined I could.  I  am so totally in love with two guys :)  Eli has made our life complete.  Can't wait for him to grow and learn new things!