My Story

I blog for my family.  I blog for my husband.  I blog for my son.  I blog for the precious memories that may slip my mind 20 years from now...or next week!

I may not be the best writer.  I may not be witty enough.  I may not be interesting at all, but this is for me.  I want to be able to look back years from now and know what was going on in our lives.

I am a Wife.  I am a Mother.  I am a Registered Nurse.  I really want to love running.  I love way too much.

I buy way too many things from  If you haven't subscribed to that, do it.  You will thank me.  Your wallet will not thank me.

I am an instagram stalker.   I love stalking blogs as well, but not in a creeper way.  I only have a Facebook so that I will get traffic to my blog...otherwise, nobody reads it!

I love my husband.  Like a lot.

I want a really large family (God willing)

I want to change the world but I don't know how to even start.

I want to travel the world with an endless supply of money.

I want to adopt a baby...or two.

I want to be wealthy so I can share it with others who truly need help.

I want to hand out money to every homeless person I see on the side of the road.

I want to make more time to be thoughtful and think about others more.

I don't want to miss one second of life.  Don't goes faster than you think!

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