Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

Just a few days ago, I caught Eli sucking on the tip of a Glade plug in. He pulled it out of the wall and put it straight into his mouth. I was just across the room. The boy is quick. I ran over to him and snatched it out of his mouth. He looked very stunned and confused as to why he couldn't continue sucking the disease causing fluid out of the plastic container (full of BPA I'm sure.) I immediately jumped on Google, because they have all the answers, and thank goodness I'm not the only Mom who this has happened to! Lesson learned- all of the plug ins have been moved to higher ground...

This morning, I heard Eli stirring in his crib. I always let him stay in there a while if he is not fussing. He will usually just crawl around and pull up on anything he can get his hands on. I finally decided to go get him and I walk in to find him standing there grinning at me. I thought something looked a little off. I looked down in the crib and saw his entire mobile had been pulled off the pole that is connected to the bed. It's still not put back together. I seriously don't know how he got it off. It's not easy. I'm sure he was hanging off of it like he was parachuting. If walls could talk...

After he broke the mobile this morning, I was letting him crawl up and down the hallway to his room and back to the kitchen. He would do this pretty much all day if I would let him. He will stop off and play with toys when he wants. I was at the bar in the kitchen and I noticed he was pretty quiet. I went to the hallway and I noticed he was chewing on something. I open his mouth and found the white cap off the door stop from the hallway. Thank God we didn't have to take a trip to Children's... Lesson learned- super glue white caps on the door stops.

Hopefully that's all the trouble for today! Boys will be boys!!

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