Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Recap

Saturday February 16
Daddy, or Lala as Eli calls everything now, had just gotten home from Wichita the day before. We decided to have a little Mongolian food. Eli sat in the high chair like a big boy! He enjoyed cheddar crunchies and blueberry puffs! We enjoyed fried rice, shrimp, veggies and lots of teriyaki sauce!

Sunday February 17th
We went to church that morning and then that evening I enjoyed snuggle time with my sweet angel!

Monday February 18th
I got on a cleaning streak! Cleaned out my coat closet and my armoire in my guest bedroom. I made the armoire into my little office. Complete with labeled binders! I'm such a nerd at heart!

Tuesday February 19th
I was still on a cleaning streak. I cleaned out Eli's closet and organized his papers from the hospital, doctor visits and daycare reports. It's in a neat binder with tabs! It's the little things! The picture is during the process. Eli loves to pull all of his toys out!

Wednesday February 20th
Eli's first snow! It was beautiful! We got several inches within a few hours. Eli didn't like it too much. We only spent a couple of minutes outside and he was tired of it.

Thursday February 21st
I worked from 7-3:30. There was still a lot of snow on the ground. Daddy came home from Dallas. We sent him a quick picture to let him know that we couldn't wait to see him!

Friday February 22nd
I snapped a cute pic of my little man in the bathtub. He is loving splashing around in the tub!

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