Friday, February 15, 2013

Eli's First Valentine's Day!

Luckily my boss let me off early to go to Eli's class Valentine party! I know he doesn't really know what's going on but I sure do hate to miss stuff like that!

Eli's classroom was decorated with hearts hanging from the ceiling. We all received a craft that they made for us, footprints and a picture of our kids with the sweetest saying. I took cupcakes. I went the easy route and picked them up at Target. I know... I'm a terrible Mom. Ughhh. Whatever!

Eli was ill and clingy. Fun. It was time for his nap. We did have a good time despite it being nap time. I got to meet some of the other parents and also met Eli's buddies, Keeton and Blais. They are all so precious!

I managed to snap a few pics with my phone. Being the terrible Mom that I am, I forgot my good camera at home. Oh well. These will have to do!

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