Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm Jumping on the Advocare Train

Well, I've decided to jump start my weight loss by giving advocare herbal cleanse a try. I've seen a lot of people have great results from it.  I just ordered and it should be here the 24th for a tentative start date of January 27th. Anyone want to do it with me!  It's always better to have support :)

I also joined something called The Fresh 20. I'm very excited about this!  Basically, they email you 5 days worth of meals that are clean/ healthy. They all use only 20 ingredients all together. They email you a shopping list. It's a no brainer!  No excuses to not eat healthy. They make it so easy to follow. I will do a complete review after I begin.  It's super cheap too. I signed up for 3 months and it was $18. Totally doable for most any income!  I really want to teach Eli healthy eating habits. After all, we should eat to live not live to eat!!  Tired of being tired and feeling bloated and swollen. It's time to get healthy again!  Summer is coming ;)

Anyone want to join the herbal cleanse fun???
Anyone want more info on the fresh 20?  

Have a Happy Monday!  

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