Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How About Another Christmas Recap?

This Christmas was just wonderful!  For the past several years, we have lived out of state and getting home for the holidays was always an adventure.  Christmas of 2012, we got bumped about 4 times from our flight.  My Mom had to come and get us from Birmingham airport because we were on stand-by and didn't make the cut.  The next morning, we were on stand-by again.   We finally made it to Atlanta and we got bumped 2 more times.  After spending all day in airports with a 6 month old, we finally got a flight to Fayetteville, Arkansas and rented a car to drive the rest of the way home to Tulsa.  It was stressful and crazy and NOT a whole lot of fun!

This year, we hosted Christmas with my family the weekend before Christmas.  We didn't have to drive 12 hours to attend.  We didn't have to fight lines in an airport.  It was fantastic!  I did not stress about the party.  My decorating was done back in November, so I really had nothing to do besides clean a little and do a few last minute things.  Not all of our family was able to attend, but we still had a great time.  Lots of laughter, eating and fellowship.  Sounds like the perfect party to me!

Christmas Morning was so much fun.  Eli didn't really know what was going on, but he did say, "Ho Ho Ho" a lot!  When he woke up, we told him that Santa had brought him prizes...his little eyes lit up and he had the biggest grin on his face!  Daddy led him to the living room and the first thing he did was go for the tool bench!  Like father, like son!  He definitely loves tools like his daddy!  He picked up the drill and went to his tricycle and started drilling the screws in the seat.  The boy is a genius, I tell you!

Santa brought him the tool bench, a basketball goal, a T-Ball set, a Radio Flyer tricycle, a lego table, wooden blocks, lots of books and movies.  We enjoyed getting to stay at home and play with all his new toys. No traveling on Christmas Day.  Just us in our PJ's enjoying the day napping and watching movies!  My family came by for a while to check out what Santa brought Eli and we cooked pigs in a blanket and cinnamon rolls.  It was so yummy.  I could eat my weight in pigs in a blanket!

Santa brought Daddy a new Xbox One console and he brought Mommy a new Mac Computer.  I was very shocked and so excited for my new computer!  It was very much needed!  I can actually blog now!

Christmas 2014 is one to be remembered.  It was our first year back home.  Our first year in our new house.  Our 2nd Christmas with our precious Eli.  Many precious memories were made.  Such a fantastic Christmas!

Sweet Ella 

Sweet Cousins!  Peyton is their "Mommy"

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