Tuesday, January 8, 2013

7 Months!

Happy 7 months to my sweet angel, Eli!  It has been the best 7 months of my life! 

     You are such a sweet baby...seriously.  Your smile can melt even the coldest heart.  You have had so many firsts from 6 months until now.  I'm not even sad about how much you are growing because you get more and more fun each and every day! 

On December 17th, you started scooting across the living room floor chasing your monkey teething toy. I knew at this point that it would not be long until you would be crawling.  Also on this date, you ate peas for the first time and you loved them!  You like any foods that are green.  You are not crazy about carrots. 

On December 24th, you started crawling!  We were at your Nana's house and you had your eyes on the presents under the tree.  You picked up your arms really high and crawled over to get the present that you had been eyeing!  We were so proud of you! 

On Christmas Day, you started pulling up on everything!  Your Daddy, the couch, your Mommy, toys...whatever you could get your hands on! 

On January 6th, you started doing this squinting thing with your eyes when you smile.  It is SO CUTE!  You look like your handsome Daddy when you do that.  Warms my heart.  You also started "mouthing" Dada!  You move your mouth like you are saying it but no sound comes out!  It is hilarious!  We managed to catch that on video. 

On January 7th, you got to watch part of Alabama's 15th National Championship Game!  They won!  Roll Tide :)  You started this squealing thing you do to get attention...works every time :)

It was such a fun Christmas with you!  Your Gaga got you a racetrack with little toy cars, a wagon, clothes, and pajamas.  Nana got you a peek a boo sock monkey, wagon, and lots of clothes.  You loved all your gifts.  Santa brought you an activity table, stackable rings, books and an elephant that shoots plastic balls out of his trunk!  It's so fun watching you play.  You will actually sit and entertain yourself now. 

Eli, Mommy loves you more than you will ever know.  You and your Daddy complete me and make me so happy.  I love to see how your face lights up when you see your Daddy come in after a long day at work.  (I love seeing your Daddy's face as well) 

Here's to many more months of fun!  Mommy is already thinking and planning for your first birthday party!  Can't believe it's almost time!  Love you so, sweet Eli!

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Lorrie Morris said...

That sweet, handsome boy! (: Happy 7 months, Eli! T loves you!!