Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Let me start by saying that Eli is normally a very happy baby.  On a normal day he will smile at anyone and loves to laugh.  Not the case on the day we decided to go and see Santa...

He had already started acting up at the end of church.  Josh had to get up and take him out of the service.  He screamed like we were taking his bottle away until I got back out to the car.  We had planned to go and see Santa after church since next weekend was our only other option and I didn't want to wait any longer.  Let me just say it...Eli was ill.  Not himself.  We pushed on and went to the Bass Pro Shop for a glimpse Santa.  Eli gave us some of the same looks I gave my Mom when I was going through those awkward teenage years. 

We finally got up to see Santa.  Eli looked very stunned.  He would look at us and then look at Santa.  He grabbed a nice wad of Santa's beard (glad it was a real) and got right up in his face.  He was studying him.  He then realized that we were several feet from him and he started to cry just after they snapped his picture!  Bless his heart.  Normally he would have been grinning from ear to ear.  Oh well.  It's a funny memory of a very ill baby and his first trip to see Santa.

Eli was staring us down because he had just realized we weren't holding him
He was checking Santa out.  Had a nice chunk of his beard as well.  Poor Santa.

Right before he started crying. 

This is the sad look that we got ALL. DAY. LONG.

He did like looking at the "fishies"

This was the happiest face we caught all morning!

Had to really beg for this smile!  It's funny the things you will do in public to get your child to smile for a picture!

So...we get home and Eli magically turns into the happiest baby alive.

  Go figure!  Oh well.  There's always next year.  Hopefully it will be one of those hilarious crying Santa pics ;)


Kimmyyy83 said...

Such a cutie!!!

Megan said...

Oh. That sweet smile steals my heart!

Lorrie Morris said...

Love these pics at home!! (: he looks so cute in his Christmas outfit!! (: