Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Elijah Bentley!

My sweet "Buddy Boy" AKA Elijah Bentley,

Where do I even begin?  These three years have absolutely flown by.  I cannot believe what a big boy you are.  You brighten all of our days and will always be our first baby.  You made me a Mother and I am so glad that God chose me to be your Mommy.

Eli, you have such a kind heart.  You tell me that I am beautiful all the time.  You run up to my leg and hug me so tight and say, "I love you SOOO much, Mommy!"  You care so much about others.  You are constantly thinking of your cousins.  You are especially protective of your "Ezzie" and you insist on buying him a prize every time you get something at the store.  

You tell some of the funniest stories and you laugh hysterically while you are telling it.  Sometimes you hit your knees and bend over doing this kind of silent almost brings me to tears it is so funny!  

You love being outside.  Our weekends are spent with you either swimming, playing in the sprinkler, helping Daddy mow the grass, driving your Jeep, or riding your bicycle to the neighborhood clubhouse.  You are such a big boy on that bike.  You go really fast and Mommy has a hard time keeping up with you!

You are finally potty trained!  We have been working really hard on this.  You are absolutely precious in your little Spiderman tighty whities!  

You love your little brother so much.  You are such a "big boy helper!"  You go and get diapers, wipes, and baby butt paste for Mommy to change Ethan's diaper.  I have also caught you on several occasions talking to Ethan and calming him if he is crying and I haven't gotten to him yet.  You say in the sweetest voice, "Hey, Brother!  It's OK Brother!" while trying to give him his pacifier.  I can see the love you have for him in your eyes.  I hope you always feel that love for one another.  I can't wait to see you two grow up together!

You are a total Daddy's boy right now.  You want to be wherever your Daddy is.  You love riding with Daddy in his truck.  You love Bass Pro Shop and Tractor Supply.  

You are so into Superheroes and the "bad men" right now.  You have tons of action figures and you fly them around and make them fight and line them up in rows on the rug in the living room.  You have this hilarious face that you make when your action figures are fighting.  I love watching you play and just listening to some of the things you say.  

Your favorite movies right now are Big Hero 6, Captain America, and Polar Express.  I can't tell you the number of times we have watched those movies.  I have grown to dislike Polar Express we have watched it so many times!  

You are such a smart boy.  You know your ABC's and you can count to 15.  You know most all of your shapes and you know pretty much every color.  You love going to chapel at "school" and your favorite song in chapel is "B-I-B-L-E!"  Your best friend at daycare is Jackson and we hear all about you guys playing "bad man" at school.  

You still cry when Mommy takes you to school.  I hope that ends soon.  It still breaks my heart as much as the first day I left you at daycare.  

I pray that you will always have a kind, caring heart.  I am so thankful that you are mine!  

Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet boy!  Mommy loves you with all my heart to infinity!

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