Friday, August 17, 2012


First let me start by saying that my husband is a wonderful Daddy.  He is so calm with Eli and jumped right in to taking care of him just after his birth.  Until our niece was born 2 and a half years ago, I had never seen Josh hold an infant.  I had tried to get him to but he would not have it!  I was so surprised and shocked at how well he caught on with Eli!  That being said, check out these hilarious conversations I had with Josh before running out for errands our first week home from the hospital!

- While giving instructions on thawing milk and making a bottle while I was gone, I asked Josh if he 
   knew what to do if Eli was choking.  His response?  With the most serious and not kidding voice,
   he replies, "Yes, Brynn.  Raise his arms up above his head".  Oh my goodness!  You should have
   seen the look on my face!  Needless to say, we had a crash course on how to relieve choking in an
   infant before I walked out the door!

- I was telling Josh that he needed to make sure and change any poop diapers as soon as he noticed
  since Eli's circumcision was still healing.  You see, with a circumcision, you have to apply vaseline
  and gauze around the surgical site and it's very important to keep him as clean as possible at all
  times.  I told him to recap changing a dirty diaper.  His exact words were, "Use the gauze to wipe
  the poop"...Ummm, no honey, use the gauze for the circumcision.  Again, another crash course in
  diaper changing :)

- Eli was laying on Josh's chest sleeping.  Josh was rubbing his little back.  In a very worried voice,
  Josh calls me over.  He wanted me to check this hard protruding area on his back.  Yep, it was only
  his shoulder blade :) Josh thought something was really wrong with his back!  Bless his heart!

- Eli was laying down on the couch one evening.  Josh calls me over to check on him.  His concern-
  "Eli is not responsive".  In almost a panic, I go over to see Eli sleeping soundly.  No honey, he is
  not responding to you, he is asleep! 

This is all for fun!  Being first time parents is hard and very scary at times!  I find myself worrying about silly things all the time.  I just hope my husband hasn't been documenting all my crazy concerns! 

And just for fun, a few more pics of my adorable angel!


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I agree...Josh is a great daddy! And you are a wonderful mommy! Eli is very lucky :)