Friday, April 6, 2012

Love Letters to Eli

Our Sweet Eli,
          Tomorrow, I will be 31 weeks pregnant!  Time has really been flying by the last couple of months.  I can't believe that we will get to meet you and see your precious face in (hopefully) less than10 weeks!  Your nursery is all ready for you.  I sit in the glider rocker in your room and dream of holding you and loving on you.  I cannot wait to snuggle with you, rock you, sing to you and smell your sweet baby smell!  You are truly an answered prayer for me and your daddy. 
          Some things I love about being pregnant:  I absolutely LOVE feeling you kick and move around in my tummy!  It is the most awesome feeling and it reassures me daily that you are ok!  I LOVE watching your precious daddy talk to you through my belly and kiss on my belly!  I LOVE the way I have felt the last couple of months!  I finally have more energy and the nausea/vomiting has pretty much gone away!  I LOVE watching my tummy grow.  I swear, sometimes I think it grows overnight!  I LOVE eating bag after bag of Cadberry Mini Eggs and not feeling the least biit guilty about it!  By the way, I know that you love sugar too because when I eat it, you do flips in my tummy! 
          It's so funny how your emotions go CrAzY when you are pregnant!  I have been watching "A Baby Story" on TV and I just cry right along with the people on the show!  I can see a commercial with sweet babies and I cry.  I also think you might be a little jealous of other babies...when you hear a baby cry, you begin kicking like crazy.  It's almost like you are saying "Hello, I'm still here!!" 
          Just a few more weeks and we will meet you!  I can't imagine how much we will love you after seeing you because at this point, I feel like I already love you with everything I have.  I know that will only grow stronger!  I can't wait!  I've never been more ready for something in my life. 

           Thanks to everyone who prayed for us during our battle with infertility.  God answers prayers in His time.  I'm so thankful to be Eli's mom!  Anyone who reads this blog, please pray for a couple of my friends who are battling infertility.  It is so emotionally draining.  Pray that they can find comfort and peace and that God will guide them in their journey. 


Christy Mock said...

So happy for you Brynn!! I cry at the Baby story and I am not even pregnant LOl!! It is an amazing thing to have a baby..And even to see someone else bringing God's children into this world! Life changing!!

Megan said...

How sweet! I can't wait to meet Eli either. I'm so glad that you were able to stay faithful during your journey to this point. The Lord has a special reason for now instead of then, and a special purpose for Eli. Hopefully these next 10 weeks won't be too uncomfortable & you'll be able to enjoy them just as much. I love reading your blog...UPDATE MORE OFTEN!!

Lorrie Morris said...

Reading this brings tears to my eyes every single one in this world is more deserving of their own little miracle than you and Josh...<3