Friday, November 4, 2011

The Road to Tulsa

October 19th, 2011

I had already bid farewell to all my loved ones...except my Mom.  Thankfully, my sweet husband offered to let Mom ride out to Tulsa with us and he would pay for her airline ticket back home!  This helped my feelings tremendously...she would be such a big help to us!  She shuffled her patients around and managed to get 3 days off of work to join us in the 12 hour drive.  I don't think I have ever laughed so hard as we did on that LONG drive!  We made horrible time...we stopped for ice cream, shopped at the grand opening of the Dick's Sporting Goods in Conway, AR, had an hour long lunch at Wendy's and  filled up the tank 3 TIMES!!!  But the memories are so worth it! 

 The "Captain"

Captain and Co-Captain ;)

Mom's job was to just lay down and keep her lips zipped...she excelled at her job!  Just kidding!  I took a few naps myself!
Pyramid Arena in Memphis, TN

Wonderful snack basket that Megan made for us!  It was a lifesaver on the long stretches with nowhere to stop!  
My Mom stayed with us from Wednesday until Sunday.  We dropped her off around noon and it almost killed me.  I am so glad she got to come and help out.  We got a lot accomplished but I think we had more fun than anything!  From our notorious late night Wal-Mart trip to cooking up some chicken and dressing, it was a wonderful bonding experience with her!  Can't wait for more family to come and visit us!

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